Fish Welfare Code

We believe that the health and welfare of the animals we work with is of the upmost importance. Healthy, happy and stress free fish grow better and are more resistant to disease.

For that reason our fish health and welfare experts have devised the following fish welfare code which is built into the working practices of all our Fish Care Professionals.

  • All fish will be treated with care and handled gently
  • Aqualife will observe all hygiene standards to minimise the risk of disease spread and infection
  • All fish will be out of water for the minimum time that is practical
  • We will only vaccinate correctly anaesthetised fish
  • Vaccination will be of the highest accuracy exceeding 96% to ensure the greatest chance of the vaccine being deposited in the correct place. Correctly deposited vaccines reduces any side effects therefore increases the welfare of fish throughout their lives
  • The correct needle size for the fish will be used to ensure that the vaccine is deposited in the correct place
  • To This ensures vaccine is deposited in the cavity and not in the flesh, vaccinators will insert the needle fully, pull the trigger fully remove the needle and release trigger procedure
  • Needles will be changed every 2000-3000 fish, when they become blunt, to minimise damage to scales
  • All discarded fish will be placed in buckets with an overdose of anaesthetic to ensure they are killed quickly and humanely
  • Only fish of the correct size will be vaccinated as directed by the prescribing vet or their representative
  • Any part of the vaccination process (tank to tank) that impinges on the welfare of the fish should be reported to the appropriate person