As the world’s leading fish vaccination company, Aqualife Services is committed to delivering the very highest quality of service to the aquaculture industry, providing an efficient, hygienic and cost-effective route to vaccination for all farmed fish. The key services provided by the company are:

  • On site supply of teams of trained vaccinators
  • On site anaesthetising of fish prior to vaccination
  • Consultancy on set-up of farm systems, hatcheries and operation of vaccination systems
  • Vaccination feasibility studies and support in all areas associated with fish vaccination
  • Comprehensive training courses for teams and individuals

Since its inception in 1996 Aqualife Services has built up a wealth of experience and skills in this relatively new area of aquaculture. As in any developing industry, it is essential that the right choices are made to ensure the protection of stock and profitability. Aqualife Services is there to provide the right advice when it is needed.

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