Fish vaccination

Like all livestock, farmed fish can be protected from disease risks by vaccination. Vaccines have been a major factor in decreasing the use of antibiotics in aquaculture while keeping fish healthy.

However, a vaccine is only effective if it is delivered properly into the fish, in the correct place and at the correct dose. Today, therefore, most salmon and many other farmed fish are vaccinated by specialist vaccination companies.

At Aqualife, we are dedicated to ensuring that vaccination is carried out to the highest possible standards. We lead the fish vaccination field and have set new benchmarks for the industry, ensuring every fish is injected accurately, safely and with minimal stress.

Aqualife’s vaccination services are available for the protection of all types of farmed fish, including Cleaner Fish. Our techniques, developed in conjunction with leading experts in the field, are based on vast practical experience and R&D underpinned by good science.

We understand that our clients’ vaccination requirements vary from farm to farm. We work in partnership to find a solution to individual vaccination requirements and budgets. We are experienced in recommending and providing the perfect solution for each set of circumstances, and can advise on the most appropriate set up, methods and equipment to ensure that the very best results are achieved.

Contact us to discuss your vaccination requirements, including  hand vaccination and machine vaccination options.