Hand vaccinating

Hand vaccinating is the most common method of vaccinating fish worldwide. Fish are anaesthetised and presented to a team of vaccinators who line them up and individually vaccinate each fish into the intraperitoneal cavity.

In the right hands, this  method is reliable and dependable, capable of achieving very accurate injections which are shown to lead to less downgrades at processing. Aqualife is leading the way in setting new standards for quality hand vaccination. Our R&D projects are constantly striving to improve technology and methods.

Depending on the species and size of fish, an Aqualife team of Fish Care Professionals can vaccinate up to 200,000 fish per day. Very high welfare standards can be maintained; each fish is viewed and handled, making sure only healthy fish are vaccinated

Vaccination teams can be very flexible and adaptable to fit in with every farm system . Our Fish Care Professionals can also provide extra manpower in the event of any needs on site. Of course, our trained staff will often identify problems with fish delivery and recovery before fish welfare is compromised.

Not all hand vaccination is the same.  Poorly trained, unskilled vaccinating staff can lead to fish downgrades at processing. Companies with poor quality control systems and weak organisational skills can lead to unreliability, with customers being let down at crucial times.

Trust Aqualife to deliver cost-effective hand vaccination services, when you need it and to a quality standard you can rely on; contact us today to find out more.